Reflections On Solitude

boy with a hat

solitude image woman on rock solitude_by_serhatdemiroglu (c)

Solitude has always been my companion through life. People came and went, but solitude stayed. I don’t mean the solitude of loneliness, but rather the solitude of the spirit, which may well exist even when we are surrounded by others, even when we share a bed with someone. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I have read One Hundred Years of Solitude eleven times, or that being alone in the silence of my room for hours on end every day does not bother me. I need solitude to write, read, think, and be with myself. I am aware, however, that solitude is addictive, that it can creep on us like ivy over an abandoned tower. For those of us who need solitude to function, work, or just to cope with the turmoil of life, it is a question of how much solitude we allow ourselves…

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